Susan Dutton has been a seamstress for over 20 years, specializing in custom window treatments and home accessories through her business Custom Creations, in Connecticut. She has also been a quilt maker for more than 30 years, but in recent years has constructed smaller quilted pieces. She was raised in a creative family, and encouraged that creativity in her two sons. For the past year or so, Susan had been musing about creating a better looking reusable grocery bag. Many of her friends were beginning to use reusable bags, but were dissatisfied with the cheap grocery store bags, imprinted with the store’s name across the side. Those bags were small, in some cases were not well made, and some women felt uncomfortable using one store’s bag in another store.

Susan wanted to create a bag that was fun and colorful and roomy, but also something that was well made and sturdy, and was washable. After a few months of experimenting with ideas, different bags and different fabrics, she discovered a wonderful fabric collection that featured all sorts of delicious looking fruits and vegetables. Then came the challenge of finding the right cotton bag. She finally found a bag that was made of both recycled cotton combined with 20% recycled bottle plastic. The bag shrunk less when washed than 100% cotton bags, and came out of the wash feeling soft and smooth. Thus a combination of a great bag and some beautiful fabrics led to the birth of Shopper’s Garden grocery totes.

Next, the whole family got involved. Susan’s son Eric helped with business development and marketing ideas. His wonderful wife Amy designed the lettering and logo. Susan’s husband Michael took photos for the website and brochures. Son Brian created the website, and his fiancée Adele developed the slogan : The seeds of style have sprouted!

Many friends and family members also served as “focus groups” and offered wonderful suggestions and ideas.

We’re sure you will enjoy using these grocery totes and we hope they will “brighten up” your trip to the grocery store or farmer’s market. And remember they make wonderful presents!