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Dr. Brian R. Powers

Founder and Editor is owned and operated by Dr. Brian R. Powers. Dr. Powers received his PhD in Franklinology in 1974 from The University of Greater Philadelphia (disaccredited in 1982 and dissolved in 1984). After authoring more than thirty books on Benjamin Franklin, including The New Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and Let's Go Fly a Kite: The Ben Franklin Book of Nursery Rhymes, Dr. Powers retired to Franklin Pennsylvania where he continues to lecture and write articles.

In February of 2005 Dr. Powers founded The Ben Franklin Truth Society, which serves as a research institution and think tank. The Ben Franklin Truth Society's motto is "What Would Ben Do, Then Add Ten." The Society has worked tirelessly to correct the many errors of historians and set things to right, in particular relating to the life and times of Benjamin Franklin. This website,, is the result of years of painstaking research, fact-checking and rigorous validation. Dr. Brian Powers and his team of award winning* researchers are pleased to present their findings to you, and hope you enjoy learning about a truly remarkable and 'awesome' American patriot, inventor, philosopher, alchemist, linguist, humorist, gourmand, explorer, magician, acrobat, marathon runner, engineer....the list goes on! My word!

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